Integrative and Functional Medicine Approach for Depression and Anxiety

If you struggle with depression and anxiety you aren’t alone. Depression or anxiety affects people from all walks of life, no matter their background. It can affect people of all ages as well. Unfortunately, there’s a still a stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and some people view disorders like depression / anxiety as a weakness. But, similar to the way anyone can develop certain physical health issues, mental health issues are always preventable or treatable.

Integrative and functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of depression or anxiety using a systematic assessment, and engaging both patient and practitioner through an ongoing therapeutic partnership. The doctors spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, and how they can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, functional medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. We invite you to understand a new approach to health and vitality. Read more on our approach

Our 5 Stage approach towards your Health for Depression or Anxiety Management

Step 1

Identify the problem (NCDs) and the stage or phase of the ailment.

Step 2

Our Health Advisors screen and counsel you on our approach and its benefits.

Step 3

Medical screening and assessment followed with consultations by integrated team of doctors.

Step 4

We evaluate the risk, medicine and its dosage, and other related issues for deriving a treatment plan.

Step 5

We recommend a treatment plan with a deatiled schedule based on the body type and stage of the disease.

Being an Integrative & Functional Medicine patient is all about YOU!

You likely will find our approach is NOT the medical care you have been receiving so far. Our approach is different entirely.

When starting the journey, it is important to understand your role as an Integrative & Functional medicine patient.

Allopathic medicine diagnosis and gives a medication or offers procedures to treat the symptoms or slow down progress of the disease. This only “covers” the symptoms while the progression of the disease continues. Sometimes the medication received may causes you another symptom and then another medication is given for that “side effect”. With this, healthcare starts to feel more like “sick care”. Because an individual continues to progress in the severity of the illness, with little being done to seek the root cause.

The diagnosis in the Integrative & Functional Medicine model is just the beginning! In this new vision of healthcare, we are a team, and the goal is about changing the path of your future health, and the progression of the disease. The underlying cause or the root cause of the disease is the focus, not just the symptom. Here the patient and the doctor work as partners. Your doctor is your guide or a coach.

Foundational to your success is changing your mind-set about how patients and physicians interact, making a commitment to the process, and willingness to see nutrition as “medicine”.

Preparation of your Mind-set

  • Be aware that these issues (or the disease) that you have been developing over long periods of time, will take time to heal. There really is no “quick fix”. Feeling well after doing something for a week doesn’t mean that the underlying problem has resolved (or the root cause is addressed) and it may take weeks to months, or even years, for your health trajectory to change (which is reversing the disease or preventing the progression of the disease). Please note, healing is constructive not just maintenance.

Your commitment

  • First you have to commit to yourself that your health is worth taking action and knowing your ‘why’ will help with that commitment.
  • Make your visits and follow-ups priority, as these check-ins are key to your success. Your annual or 6 months once visit to doctor to check your reports or status of your symptoms are not how our approach model works.
  • Share what’s working and what isn’t working as commitments can be adjusted.
  • Sometimes you have to step back a bit before stepping forward again.
  • Sometimes, you may feel worse before you feel better.
  • Behavioural changing process will take some time, as habits die hard.
  • Prepare to commit to yourself a minimum of 3 months to create good habits, break old ones and create lifelong success with any suggested lifestyle changes.

Nutrition is medicine

  • A dietary plan is of upmost importance and is the core of improving your health.
  • This is not something you will have to follow forever, but will be a key aspect in your initial health plan.
  • These healthy habits are likely to rub off the longer you do follow them.
  • Depending on your current level of nutrition, supplements are often suggested and the intention is that many are temporary and utilized for a few months during a protocol.


STEP I: Register online or call to schedule an appointment.

STEP II: Your first consultation might need 45-90 minutes to organize your history in great detail and you will be asked to complete a thorough health questionnaire. This is very important to determine the best route of your care moving forward.

STEP III: From this, we focus on the areas of greatest concern for you and where your body needs the most support. An initial plan will be developed at this time with some foundational suggestions to get started. For some, this may be all that is needed.

STEP IV: However, based on the initial discussion, lab tests may be recommended.

STEP V: Our treatment plan will include some or all of the following

1. Functional Medicine Practitioner’s advice on

  • Therapeutic Diets
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals (if required)

2. Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice on

  • Herbal Medication (if required)
  • Ayurvedic Therapies (if required)

3. Naturopathic Doctor’s advice on

  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Yoga Therapy

4. Visualisation / Meditation / Emotional Freedom technique therapy sessions / Psychotherapy session

STEP VI: You will receive through the portal the prescription recommendations to continue for the next 4-weeks.

STEP VII: Depending on your program, you will have follow up sessions with Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioners every week or once in 2 week.

  Attend the first session from our Health Advisor to understand how this program will help you live a healthier and a happier life.

The treatment plan includes

Screening & Risk Analysis

Food & Diet

Physical & Mental Health

Traditional Therapy (optional)

Dosage Titration / Reduction in Medicine

The entire program is backed with Educational sessions, Consultation, Intermittent screening,
Evaluation of your parameters and Risk analysis through out the program.

100+ years of combined experience of Integrated team of doctors. Treated thousands of patients for Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Over-weight, Fertility issues, PCOD, Neurological and Mental Disorders, Autoimmune Disorders and Joint Problems through Integrative & Functional Medicine.

For off-line programs, we encourage select Ayurveda therapies to reduce stress and detox the body,
which overall enhances the immunity.
Our both on-line and off-line program involves a step-by-step, four-week to 3 months plans to put all of the principles into practice and truly make optimal health a way of life!

Fill up the form with the details and submit for booking an appointment with our doctor or health consultant. Our health advisor will get back with an appointment with our doctor.

Fill up the form with the details and submit. Our Health advisor will provide you complimentary counseling on our ON-LINE program that may suit you, post which, will fix an appointment with our doctor for your first consultation to design your program.

Fill up the form with the details and submit. Our Health advisor will provide you complimentary counseling on our OFF-LINE program that may suit you based on your convenience, proximity and stage of the disorder, after which, we will fix an appointment with our doctor for your first consultation to design your program.


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