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WELLBEEING Center for Integrative Medicine is redefining healthcare by empowering health professionals of various systems of medicine for transforming healthcare by guiding, treating and healing individuals and communities to optimum health and well-being. Was founded based on the principles of ‘Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine’ approaches that are evidence based.

Depends on only system of medicine An array of treatment protocols of more than one system of medicine is used. The weakness of one system being often the strengths of the other, solution is offered by integrating them suitably, in order to complement the medical services and to achieve higher efficacy in diagnosis and cure. Every program is scientifically designed and is evidence- based.
Chronic disorders are only managed or controlled for its symptom largely Chronic disorders are reversed or cured by addressing both symptoms and root cause
Generally medication dosage goes on increasing gradually The medication dosage goes on decreasing gradually and seized in many disorders in most lifestyle disorders
Long term risks are mitigated only after it occurs. The hospitalization cost gradually increases Prevents long term risks and complications, thereby reduces hospitalization in many disorders.
Largely the problems are managed or controlled by medicine alone Primary focus for managing the chronic problems will be with food and lifestyle changes. However, with medicine wherever applicable, importance is given equally to lifestyle modifications and non-invasive therapies for many symptomatic relief. In case of long-term medication, the objective will be to reduce the dependency on medication gradually, and focus on overall well-being.

The objective is to combine the benefits of both systems that help addressing the root cause of the problems, and also provide quick symptomatic relief, there-by reduce the long-term risks, after validating the evidences on the cause and the effect of the interventions.

  • Provides reversal or curative or preventive solutions
  • Treatment approach involves integration, under the guidance of physician / specialist / Ayurveda & Naturpathy / any other system interventions.
  • Reduces dependency on long-term medication.
  • Addresses the root cause, and not just symptoms; reduces long-term risks.
  • Improves quality of life & reduces long-term hospitalization or healthcare costs.
  • Provides holistic healthcare for body, mind and spirit and there by overall well-being of an individual

With the emerging challenges in our lifestyle and environmental changes, it is understood that no single medical science can address all the concerns of various diseases.

Healthcare market landscape has changed. Younger generation with chronic problems are increasing. Millennials are more health conscious than the older generation coupled with a growing focus on preventive health care, rather than addressing the concerns after it turns acute.

Many other health problems have increased dramatically in prevalence lately – not just in the developed world, but also in many developing countries. Not only that, people’s general health status is on the decline. Virtually nobody is truly healthy anymore; we all seem to be suffering from some type of health problem, whether it’s irritable bowel syndrome, low libido, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, or frequent headaches.

The team works in the following mechanism

  • A health seeker approaches the center for the treatments of his/her ailments.
  • Detailed health assessment of the client will be done which includes complete medical history taking, and knowing of the existing illness, assessment of the present health status, bio-chemical, radiological investigations will be carried out as per requirements.
  • These details will be taken for discussion with the team of experts of WELLBEEING Health Centre.
  • A treatment protocol will be developed considering the needs of the health from the blend of integration of medical sciences along the medicines and therapies focusing on the suitable treatment model for providing the maximum health benefits to the health seeker.
  • The team works with integration so as to not compromise or contradict the ethics of the medical sciences.
  • Timely assessment will be carried out to know the benefits of the treatment model.

Conventional approach treats often only the symptom and encourages dependency on medication Integrative Medicine has a comprehensive approach to health and treats the cause not just the symptoms and in the process reduces dependency of medication. This invariably prevents risks of organ damage from setting in due to long term medication.

Integrative & functional medicine are the two most rapidly growing forms of medicine drawing medical attention which aims to address your physical, emotional and mental needs. While functional medicine focuses on creating individualized therapies tailored to treat underlying causes of illness, integrative medicine seeks to understand the individual as a whole and applies many forms of therapy to improve overall health and well-being of an individual. While both functional and integrative medicine are similar in nature, they have unique differences that can help you on your journey towards healthier living.

INTEGRATIVE & Functional Medicine at WELLBEEING combines Conventional Allopathy Medicine with Traditional & Transdisciplinary Medical systems of AYUSH with a focus on Wellness & Health whilst emphasizing the relationship between the practitioner & patient rather than treating only the Dis-ease.

Integrative or Functional Medicine is a very old concept. However, not many have heard of it, or the perception is different among different people. In the UK Integrative Medical practices began in 1990’s and today many medical centers & universities like John Hopkins, Mayo clinic etc have all endorsed it. In the US too Integrative Medicine is recognized by the National Institute of Health in 2013. In India, many Ayurveda institutes have been propagating about Integrative medicine for more than a decade now.

However, at WELLBEEING, the model of Integrative & Functional Medicine is a careful blend of Western and Eastern systems, to provide safe management of diseases, that helps in preventing further progression of disease, rejuvenating the body for healthy cells, reduce the dependency on long term medication, reduce the risks and complications due to progression of the disease, avoid hospitalization, there by aiming at reducing the overall disease management cost on long-term.

Results are completely based on how well you follow the treatment and adapt changes in your lifestyle that are modified, and followed. The approach provides the best of various systems of medicine. One system's weakness is the strength of the other. They compliment each other and provide a synergy effect.

Often no single system may provide complete solution. While Allopath (Western system of medicine) mostly focuses on symptomatic relief, our traditional system of medicine (Eastern system of medicine) focuses on addressing the root cause. This helps in completely reversing the problem or cure, or faciliate –safe management. Solutions through this approach often is more effective, safer, with less or no side effects, no long term risks or complications. More than anything, it simply reduces the body’s dependency on medication, and progression of the disease.

The conventional approach with medications may look economic and convenient, but are generally long-term and has some adverse effect. Any chemical / drug has some harmful effects on the body simply because of its nature. They are synthesized molecule (synthetic in nature, which doesn’t align with the body’s innate nature ). Lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, etc. are progressive disorders, which remain chronic for a long time and gradually progresses to acute phase which eventually may require hospitalization/surgeries, which increases the cost burden. Integrative Medicine approach mostly is one time, with basic follow up if required. The intangible benefit are: one need not live in fear because the progression of the disease is reversed or safely managed. Gradually one could be led into ‘No disease’ state.

Yes! Integrative Medicine offers preventive care. It also helps safe management & gives curative solutions in chronic ailments. Integrative medicine in addition to being preventive, also can manage rehabilitation conditions under the guidance of experts. Hence, Integrative Medicine is effective as Preventive, Rejuvenative, Curative, Rehabilative and Palliative care.


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