WELLBEEING corporate programs promises to provide a holistic service deeply rooted in integrated medicine. We offer exclusive programs for different institutions with dedicated and exclusive wellness programs. From corporate sectors to academic institutions, WELLBEEING provides integrated solutions (consultation, councelling, workshops, screening, etc.), to assist every individual. This helps the executives to cope with modern day stress and have an active approach towards their life and career. Decode the secret of staying active in professional life with WELLBEEING.


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Corporate Wellness Programs

A highly beneficial program for both employees and organisation, Wellbeeing One time Program at Corporate features -

  • Basic health checks of Executives at workplace
  • Corporate Health risk and Health Assessment
  • Employee Vaccination Program
  • Health Fest / Camp

A series of service to bring the best out of the organisations and keeping them healthy and active.

This program helps by -

  • Reducing Healthcare Costs
  • Improving Employee Health
  • Improving Corporate Image
  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Increasing Productivity

We could work out a preventive health check up program based on your requirement considering the average age of employees, age, nature of job profiles, etc. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

An exclusive program offered by Wellbeeing where each and every employee of the organisation will be given a holistic and individualistic service. Being the part of the Support Buddy Program, each employee will receive treatment and tips from doctor, dietician, counselors and physiotherapists.

The multi-faceted Support Buddy Program comprises -

  • Group counseling to secure solidarity among employees.
  • Workshop to keep them mentally fresh.
  • One-on-one session to understand each employee.

Support Buddy Program avails Regular / on call session with -

  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dietician
  • Counselors

Support Buddy aims to -

  • Reduce work stress
  • Balancing work-family
  • Boss-subordinate stress
  • Resolving relationship problems
  • Understand and find a way to deal with workplace issues
  • Put a stop to Abuse
  • Erasing out suicidal tendency

Lifestyle Modification Workshops cater high-quality programs to keep organization workflow active and healthy. The employees get benefited through it’s complete range of services -

  • Preventive lifestyle modification program
  • Basic Life Support training (CPR)
  • Nutrition & Diet Food habits and its role in development of lifestyle disorders at young
  • Choose food based on your body type
  • Weight loss – its types, its pros and cons
  • Fitness & Endurance
  • Yoga and meditation helps balancing life
  • Power yoga / Thai Chi / Self-defense classes
  • Posture & Endurance program
  • Preventive & stress management
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Aerobics & Zumba regular classes
  • Behavioral & Conscious management series
  • Laughter therapy – the best medicine for stress relieving
  • Conscious management series (balancing is important in professional life)
  • Learning to manage emotions through self healing
  • Confidence building series: makeover, personality development

Theatre as an effective medium takes participants through a powerful & energizing series of sessions diving deep into their perceptions, attitudes & beliefs. Each program is designed and delivered in a way that it allows a journey beyond right or wrong. It helps oneself reflect and inspire change. It is about breaking new grounds and fixed patterns

Program Focus -

  • Theatre as an art form (Executive Engagement Initiative).
  • All aspects of communication skills and team dynamics.
  • Clarity of Intent & Confidence Building.
  • Innovative / Out of the box thinking.
  • Empathy and Cross Team Sensitivity
    6. Vision, Mission, and Values.

For all corporate program enquires, write to us at contactus@wellbeeing.in


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