Programs or therapies or treatments at WELLBEEING are tailor made for individual health goals. WELLBEEING’s wellness programs follow a holistic approach towards achieving the best results in a safe, nurturing atmosphere expertly guided by our team of expert Ayurveda and Naturopathy doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yoga therapists and physiotherapists. The results are unique experience to create a sustainable journey towards a healthier, enriched lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

It's a relaxing immersion of oil from head to toe with warm oil to restore the balance and enhancing the well-being. A self-expression of being loved...abhyanga can give a deep feeling of stability and warmth. Based on the body type, our doctors will recommend which type of therapy massage will benefit you. Benefits: Nourishes the entire body and decreases the effects of aging, Imparts muscle tone and vigor to the tissues of the body, lubricates the joints, firmness to limbs, increases circulation, stimulates the internal organs of the body, assists in elimination of impurities from the body (hence used along with many other Ayurveda therapies), moves the lymph, aiding in detoxification, increases stamina, calms the nerves, benefits sleep for better and deeper sleep, softens and smoothens skin and delays wrinkles.

One of Ayurveda’s most loved treatments focusses on reflex points in the foot, using herbs infused in oils. This helps restore optimal functioning of the internal organs and the entire body. This traditional massage focusses on the feet, ankles, heels or calves, based on the individual’s needs.

A stimulating Ayurvedic head massage using warm oil focusses on the shoulders, neck, face and head. The massage relaxes these areas, most susceptible to stress and induces a heightened state of tranquillity and promotes concentration. The treatment has a lasting impact on overall wellness.

This involves soothingly pouring herbal oils over the head of the patient as she relaxes. Shiro in Sanskrit is head and Dhara is flow. Apart from rendering mental clarity and calmness to the mind, this is one of the most successful treatments for insomnia, depression, hairfall and greying.

For individuals who are prone to working or sitting continuously in the same posture and thereby suffering from lower back pain, Kati Basti is the apt remedy.Herb-infused oils work towards deep-cleansing, muscle-building and joint lubrication. It is most recommended for lower backache and disorders of the lumbar-sacral region of the spine, slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, lumbar spondilitis, sciatica, degenerative disorders of the spine, etc..

This Ayurvedic anti-cellulite therapy uses medicated herbal powders and oils to massage, scrub and exfoliate the skin and has proven to aid weight loss, help in toning the body, improve blood circulation and brighten complexion, besides acting as an effective mechanism for de-stressing.

Fomentation or the use of hot, moist, medicated, herbal substances is practised to reduce stiffness in joints, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, eliminate toxins and rejuvenate the body.

Ayurveda provides the best, most efficient and time-tested remedies for weak vision, sight disorders or stress in the eyes. The treatment is useful to correct refractive errors, treat computer vision syndrome, dry eye, sub-conjunctival haemorrhage, squint in vision and even in basic relaxation of the eyes.

One of the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for chronic knee pain, Janu Basti provides longstanding relief from severe pain. It is particularly useful in treating Osteoarthritis, stiffness in the knee joints, Osteoporosis, ligament tear and also as a preventive therapy for athletes, hikers and individuals in occupations which involve impose stress on the knee joints.

Considering today’s sedentary lifestyle and stressful work patterns, anyone, irrespective of age, can become victims of stiff neck and spondylitis. Greeva Basti is a concentrated treatment in the neck region, using hot, medicated oil. This is most effective in relieving stiffness in the neck and spine region, combating pain in the spinal area and preventing its degeneration arising from cervical spondilitis and cervical spondylosis.


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