A comprehensive program to suit your body or health concerns. Select your goal and choose the program that suits you. Or you could check with our experts. WELLBEEING "Integrative Programs" are a blend of modern medicine with traditional medicine. Objective is to combine the benefits of both systems that help addressing the root cause of the problems, and also provide quick symptomatic relief, there-by reduce the long-term risks.

Rejuvenation and Preventive health Programs

A comprehensive integrated approach which involves a basic health screening, and changing the daily lifestyle habits of diet, fitness and techniques for managing stress regularly LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION PROGRAM is a preventive health program that aims at creating awareness about the individual lifestyle & its impact on health, both physical & mental & provide insights into strategies for lifestyle modification. It is a highly individualized program comprising of physician assessment, stress management therapies, Ayurveda & Naturopathy therapies.

Life Style Modification Program

  • Factors Contributing to Lifestyle Disorders
  • Inappropriate fitness habit/sedentary lifestyle
  • Unaware of the science behind food habits
  • High stress lifestyle - anxiety / depression

Lifestyle Modification Program ( 1 month )

  • A comprehensive integrated approach which involves a basic health screening, and changing the daily lifestyle habits of diet, fitness and techniques for managing stress regularly.

Stress Management Program is a combination of relaxation therapies and external Naturopathy/ Ayurveda procedures to de stress your body & help in maintaining a stress free life throughout the year. Stress releasing techniques:

  • EFT
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Cyclic Meditation
  • High stress lifestyle - anxiety / depression

Massage & Spa

  • Shiro Dhara & Takra Dhara Auriculotherapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Salt Glow Massage

It is a combination of Relaxation Therapies & Natural cosmetic procedures to destress your body & help in maintaining a stress free life throughout the year. Various types of massages and treatments are planned for relaxing the cells and rejuvenating the body through out. Our Wellness counselors or doctors would be able to help suggest what suits you.

De-stress Therapeutic massage which gives an invigorating feel along with an ancient form of oil treatment to soothe and tranquil the mind. A total feeling of wellness and mental clarity is experienced in this process.

Ease your feet in warm water with aroma / pink rock salt whilst we work on easing your mind with gentle strokes of a crown massage. Allow yourself to a sequence of strokes for a deep tissue massage and acupressure with medicated or aroma oils to improve circulation and rejuvenate.

The preventive aspect of our immunity function is majorly related to our digestive system. Balanced doshas or bio-energies, through cleansing, are also essential for proper resistance to illness. Combination of A well-balanced diet including a variety of spices into the daily dietary routine. Most spices are high in their oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and reduce cell damage and maintain integrity, A regular yoga practice regular detox plans like fasting, or a proper panchakarma cleanse, once a year, Consumption of Rasayana herbs like Ashwagandha and Amla etc. and Ayurvedic treatments like Udvarthana, medicinal oil enema, different types of sudation therapies and massages helps to boosts the metabolisms and strengthens the muscle. This altogether help in resistance of diseases and fitness of a body and mind.

An age old healing practice of applying warm medicated oil to the vertex of the skull followed by stimulating strokes. Triggering pressure points on external surface of the ear alleviates mood disorders, obesity, addiction, pain etc., as ear is a microsystem of the body.

Take a destress tour with calming scents of essential oils while you indulge in a rejuvenating massage and later soak in warm steam to allow detox your skin and relax stiff joints and muscles.

Gear up for a soothing head and neck massage along the direction of lymphatic drainage. Then allow gentle pouring of liquids/oils over your forehead in a rhythmic fashion whilst you concentrate on your breathing and let endorphins thrive. Shirodhara is an ancient technique used to alleviate insomnia, prevent hair fall and greying, increase lustre, and boost memory.

Ayurveda the science of life, aims at Preventive and Healing therapies which can rejuvenate the mind body and soul. It aims at increasing longevity and recommends Detox or Panchakarma at a frequency of 6months or at least a year. Just like how a vehicle needs regular service our system needs a detox too.

Ayurveda offers vast amounts of information on principles of anti-aging activity, skin care and anti-aging herbs, helping in the exploration of possibilities of developing new anti-aging cosmeceuticals with natural ingredients for topical applications. Holistic skin care is an ancient practice. It looks at the bigger picture to go beyond your external symptoms understand the root cause of skin imbalances, which means it’s a whole lot more than just cleansers and moisturizers. Your skin is your largest organ, communicating with both internal and external forces daily, and it needs to maintain the correct balance to function optimally. Holistic skin-care is the act of carefully formulating products and engaging in lifestyle practices that energetically support the mind, body, and spiritual connection to keep these systems in equilibrium.

We do a detailed assessment of your lifestyle- about diet, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, physical activity, menstrual cycles, bowel movements, and more. These questions are so important because all of these factors impact the flow of energy within the body. If someone’s energy is blocked—either from stress or even irregular bowel movements—it can hinder that flow, which in turn, can cause inflammatory responses in their skin.

The ancient healing science of Ayurveda is a revolution in the world of natural skin care. It works on the Principle of knowing your skin type first and then starting with the treatments suitable to your particular type.

The treatment procedure involves the following general steps, based on which an on line, or an off-line program can be planned:

  • Knowing the skin type
  • Cleansing using suitable herbs and medicated oils to get rid of toxins.
  • Nourishment and moisturizing through suitable massages to enhance tone and Revitalize skin.
  • Diet counseling
  • Yoga, Exercise and Meditation
  • Hygiene

Submit to natural healing and undo the stress on your spine and back muscles in this unique therapy and massage which relaxes your nerves from the base of your skull to your feet. Basic modified Tai Chi to relax your postural muscles.


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