I went through the tests in a very friendly environment so much I did NOT feel I was going through tests. I would any day vote for this kind of experience rather than a traditional hospital kind of setup.

Ramana Murthi P
( Name changed )

We extend thanks to the high-end service that we found at Wellbeeing. We saw the positive results corresponded with the professional values and care and the effective service, respect for time and respect for the privacy of religions, customers and materials, natural and health methods, along with professional qualified staff which is characterized by high moral standing. We are wishing Wellbeeing future progress and success.

Alexander V
( Name changed )

A well integrated approach to care and healing with a team that is known for their daily approach diagnosis and cure through a balanced use of Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and Allopathy, they predicted the recovery so correctly for a situation were the cause is not so known that if really says a lot about the knowledge and experience they are.

( Name changed )

"In 3 Months my TSH of 39u/ml to below normal 0.3u/ml". I had thyroid from a long time. When I went to Wellbeeing for my routine health check, I came across their Thyroid program and was referred to IM Dept Doctors. After a thorough examination of my past problems, the treatment was chalked based on my health conditions and my time limitations, which made me so happy and satisfied with the treatment to live a healthy lifestyle.

Wellbeeing is a well organized clinic, customized to suit each patient requirement after thorough understanding & proper counseling they schedule the treatment in a systematic way and everything will be done on time with the proper follow up done by the staff.

Renchi (Jan 2017)
( Name changed )


A 37 year old male with a known history of Fatty Liver & Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus since 1year, with Fasting Blood Sugar of 110mg/dl & Post Prandial Blood Sugar- 183mg/dl ; HbA1C – 7.8%. He was on medication Tab Glycomet SR 1—0—0. The patient was counseled by a team of Integrative Medical Department @ wellbeeing and initiated a 3 month program that enabled disciplining & coaching based on evidence based practice.

Various interventions at WELLBEEING, outcome was: After 1 month, his medications were stopped. His Fasting Blood Sugar reduced from 110mg/dl to 96mg/dl ; Post Prandial Blood Sugar reduced from 183mg/dl to 167mg/dl ; HbA1c reduced from 7.8% to 5.5% in 3 months. Further, Triglycerides, Liver Function Test, showed normal values. Fatty liver condition was reversed as observed on Ultrasonography post interventions.”

( Name changed )

I joined this reversal diabetic programme on 6th June 2016 with reference from Jaishree. I was feeling stressed out, my sugar and BP was little high, now its almost 10 days. Really I am feeling very good, relaxed especially with E.F.T by Roopa madam , I am enjoying the Yoga classes and feeling fit, its really the correct meaning of Well- being. I wish most of them will have their experience. I am enjoying all the facilities of medication, massage, yoga, counseling, acupuncture on one carpet area, I feel its a blessing and thanks a lot to the staff and one and all.

( Name changed )

My sincere thanks to Wellbeeing counselors & team of doctors who advised me to get into Diabetes program (DRP). My treatment was for 4 months. The panel of doctors with whom I had consulted was fantastic. It was really an amazing improvement on me and my blood sugar, and my fear.

The Integrated approach with periodical lab test, combined with other services and sessions have given me wonderful satisfaction. Thank you for their timely guidance and help at this wonderful WELLBEEING centre, I now lead a normal life with change in lifestyle.

A Mohan (Oct 2017)
( Name changed )

Stress / Depression / Anxiety

"I was having anxiety and less sleep along with depression" I am a software engineer by profession. When I came to Wellbeeing, Doctors here listened to my problem with lot of patience and put me into a program of Integrative Medicine. It was a 1 month association with Wellbeeing for these treatments. Now after taking these treatments, I feel relaxed and my anxiety levels have gone down, and also feel fit. My confidence level has gone up. I am very thankful to the doctors who treated me, my yoga master, and all the staff.

Afsar Hussain (Nov 2016)
( Name changed )

I am Afsar Husain. I am a software engineer by Profession. I was having anxiety and less sleep along with depression. I came to Wellbeeing with these problems. Doctors here are well patient. They listen to the problems with patience and they have given a lot of confidence to me. Doctors here put me in yoga, Shirodhara and Nutritional supplement. From past month I am associated with Wellbeeing with all these treatments. Now I am feeling relaxed and see my anxiety levels have gone down with yoga. I am feeling fit. I want to see still little bit improvements in my sleep. I am very much thankful to the doctors who treated me and my yoga master and all the staff of Wellbeeing.

William F G
( Name changed )

Weight Loss

"I now believe that I can lose weight despite having hypothyroidism". I was participant of weight management program II at Wellbeeing - 3 months program with holistic approach for weight loss. I lost over 10 kgs.

The biggest impact of this program on me was an hour-long power yoga sessions coupled with massage therapies & diet. It has converted me from a yoga skeptic to a yoga believer. With well trained and experienced masseurs who I highly recommend, I believe this program can help any one achieve his/her weight loss goals provided he/she is fully committed to following the program guideline.

Ghosh (May 2017)
( Name changed )

Back / Joint - Pain

I was suffering from knee joint pain. I consulted the yoga therapist Smt Kavitha as per her advise I took a therapy session for 3 weeks Smt Asha was my therapist. I found the therapy useful and the pain has reduced a bit. I am feeling fresh and flexible now. The staff of Wellbeeing are also courteous. I have already booked for my next session

DeviPriya G
( Name changed )

Sagar Kamath’s experience of being pain free from back ache at Wellbeeing.

Surya Prakash K
( Name changed )

I had suffered severe lower back pain some time back which was raising concern every now and then. Four session of treatment at Wellbeeing has resulted in my lower back showing tremendous relief and gave me all the confidence in leading again a normal life. I am really grateful for whatever I have been suggested by Drs at Wellbeeing to go in for this treatment, which as definitely given me a sigh of relief.

Murthy (Feb 2017)
( Name changed )


The program was very scientific and comprehensive, specially addressing the condition. The treatments were linked to one another, complementing each other in nature. I enjoyed all aspects of the treatments prescribed & worked beautifully for me. The doctors are very friendly and easy to approach. They counseled with immense care and patience, always available for advice and help. Dr`s are extremely patient and meticulous, help me understand my condition & gave me insight into how the treatment would benefit me. They were extremely sensitive to my symptoms and suggested only those treatments that were absolutely necessary. It was evident that their agenda was cure and relief, and not subject me to unnecessary treatments & expenses.

Yoga sessions were fantastic and were specifically designed for my condition. The EFT session deep spiritual experience, also extremely useful and plays a big role on cure. Staff at Wellbeeing is polite and helpful. Wellbeeing is a place for everybody. All the experts, doctors and therapists worked in unison and all their efforts were directed towards cure.

Mrs. Holla
( Name changed )

Skin Diseases

A 40 year male from Bangalore whose profession is business visited WELLBEEING after 15 years of treatment for his skin problem which was diagnosed as ATOPIC DERMATITIS, CONTACT DERMATITIS, XEROTIC EXZEMA, STASIS DERMATITIS and some form of PSORIASIS by various doctors.

( Name changed )

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