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Transforming LIVES. Redefining HEALTH & WELLNESS.

Take care of your BODY's the ONLY place you can live.

Leading a hectic lifestyle? TALK to is possible to live a STRESS-FREE LIFE.

CARE is not a luxury. It is a NECESSITY.

Allow every cell to dance with every breath of music and bring HARMONY within yourself.

NATURE can repair everything. NURTURE your body, mind and spirit!

NATURE is very SMART. It has put MEDICINES inside the food.

Is OVER MEDICATION the solution for your LIFESTYLE disorders? We can help you CORRECT it.

A consortium of doctors who are passionate and dedicated providing integrated health care services to people who are seeking sustainable solutions.

Integrative & Functional Medicine

WELLBEEING Integrative and Functional Medicine (also called Lifestyle Medicine) can help you. Our physicians and specialists in Integrative and Functional Medicine provide consultations for individuals with various health conditions, and provide reversal care, curative care or preventive care solutions through Integrative medicine approach.

Contact our health center and, we will set up a FREE 15-minute online counselling with our health and wellness counsellor to learn how Integrative and Functional Medicine can help get to the root cause of your health problems. We shall guide you choose your doctor or health program that suits your health needs. We use the strengths of conventional and traditional systems of medicine to provide safer and sustained solutions for your health concerns. Start your journey to better health today!

WELLBEEING Services for Integrative and Functional Medicine is to provide comprehensive health care services by utilizing the best systems from different dimensions of health sciences. The team of doctors include the healthcare experts from the field of Allopathy medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy-Yoga, Homeopathy, Nutrition and others. The objective is to fulfil the needs of health seekers from selection of service of suitable medical science, required as per the benefits of health seekers to heal their suffering, or decrease the dependency on long-term medication, reduce their long-term complications, better quality of life, and thus offer sustainable health care and wellness services.

The model is deigned considering the current status of the health care systems. In the emerging challenges in our lifestyle and environmental changes it is understood that no single medical science can address all the sufferings of human life. We focus on bringing the best of the health care providers from different systems of medical sciences for those who understand the need of integrative and lifestyle medicine approach, in providing the best health care, addressing the different needs. Our effort in achieving this for every ailment will continue...


Latest News

MARCH 13, 2017

Roopa Mahender, CEO & Founder of WELLBEEING on Healthcare transformation in India Shifting from pharma to Ayurveda to hospitals as a career move, eventually turned out to be the cause of my entrepreneurial journey.

FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Roopa Mahender, CEO & Founder of WELLBEEING on her journey as an entreprenuer and a message for all women on International Women’s Day. This interview is a part of Startup Terminal interview.

MAR 8, 2017

During the course of my career, it often disturbed me when I came across the huge hospitalization cost that could not be met, and people pledged their property or spend all their saving to save their loved ones


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